Shepherding a Child's Heart 

Parenting Course led by Youth Pastor, Seth Carter 

While your kids are Shipwrecked on a deserted island, join us in a cool, secluded oasis for Godly wisdom, food, and fellowship. 

This year at VBS we are going all out for our parents! We are sectioning off a separate place just for parents where they will share a quiet meal together and go through a five-part series on parenting. Each night of VBS, we will watch a short video from Tedd Tripp's Shepherding a Child's Heart seminar and have discussion and guiding by Seth Carter. 

Our goal will be to find the solution for the harmful behavior that we all too often see from our children. This will be heavy dose of comforting wisdom for those who are looking for parenting solutions for when we hear our kids say things like, “But that’s not FAIR!” or “Whatever. I don’t care.” or “Mom, you just don't understand!” 

What’s your current parenting strategy for dealing with bad behavior? Do you try to shame it out of them? Do you threaten them? Do you yell or use harsh language? Are your punishments and consequences working? 

Our parenting course will show that there is a more effective strategy based on the language of the heart that far exceeds all other behavior modification strategies in the long term. 

** So that we have an accurate count for dinner, please register for the adult class when you fill out the VBS registration for your children.