Kids of Grace Creative Arts Camp Catalog & Course Descriptions

We were going to include a little bio about each Lead Artist, but it made these course descriptions a bit long! Suffice it to say, we are truly blessed with EXPERTS in each of these fields!!! Some are professionals, many are college educated in their art, just about all have been teachers of their art…there are years and years of experience here! They are all very good with kids and find joy in inspiring kids and passing on a passion for their art. The only hard part for you is choosing!


Calligraphy comes from the Greek words, “kallos” and “graphos” and means beautiful writing. Join us to learn the art of “beautiful writing” known as Calligraphy. You will practice your skills the first four days of class. On the final day you will create a Bible verse or favorite saying suitable for framing or displaying as your imagination guides you.


Get ready to get your hands dirty! In this class we will create pinch or coil pots like the ancients did, make a stamp, explore slab or tile work, carve words and designs in clay tiles, build and decorate a mug, create sculptures, and experience throwing on a potter’s wheel! All pieces will be displayed “green” at our Friday Night Showcase but will be professionally fired and glazed after that so you will get these masterpieces back a few weeks later…a beautiful transformation!

Culinary Arts

In this yummy class, we will be cooking our way around the world! We will be whipping up tasty treats that are simple and fun, sweet and savory. The kids will learn about cutting, measuring, and kitchen tools, and by the end of the week they will come away with some goodies and a recipe book of favorite treats. From elegant to effortless, we will enjoy this experience together! We may also find time to create something special for your favorite pup! 

“The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to the imagination in the kitchen.” -Julia Childs


Aaaand…Action! Our drama class will perform the final evening’s on-stage play. Students will learn line memorization techniques, voice projection, and stage presence. Taking direction is also an important life skill! The drama is a simple and fun production tied into the week’s theme and is an excellent introduction to the world of acting, as well as a huge confidence booster. These kids will shine on stage at our Friday Night Showcase!


Sharpen your pencils! If you are a Junior Crafter, you will learn how to draw your favorite animals in this sketching class! Varsity Crafters will explore “3-D Drawing”: You will learn how to create an illusion that gives a feeling of depth in pictures (as in looking into the distance). We’ll be learning how to draw while creating perspective. The kids will use pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal, and they will come away with their own art-filled sketchbooks along with inspiration and new-found confidence in their drawing abilities!

Fabric Arts

In Fabric Arts we will make simple fabric items that are fun and appropriate for each artist’s skill level. We will learn about different types of fabric and their best use, as well as how to use a sewing machine. What’s a pattern? Measuring, marking, and other general sewing terms will help prepare young needle crafters to begin their own sewing journey. There will be a variety of creative projects to choose from, including a drawstring backpack!


Learn to play guitar! This week Pastor Mark will be teaching the basics of playing guitar. This is a beginner class that will cover how to tune a guitar and play some basic chords. We will learn at least one worship song and play along with a singing group by the end of the week. Limit – 10 participants. Bring your own guitar. If you do not have a guitar, a few will be available on a first come first served basis.


In this class, we will be learning several different jewelry-making techniques as we create finished pieces to keep. We will learn basic wire-wrapping, various knotting styles and their purposes, and how to use findings in the design and completion of our projects. Each student will be able to create several lovely items to keep or use as gifts!

Little Crafters

This class is for all 3-year olds through entering kindergarten. The children will all be in one class, with less moving around for safety, and have this one choice. However, they will be creating multiple crafts throughout each day! This will include handprint art projects, painting, clay, drawing, planting seeds, building with wood and glue…coming away with a number of keepsakes you will treasure! Send your kids in their play clothes!

Outdoor Adventure

In this elective, the kids will be diving into the world of fly fishing! They will make personalized fly fishing lanyards and their own flies, including wooly buggers, pheasant tail nymphs, and chironomids, all on barbless hooks (we can also remove the tips if a parent prefers). Students will also learn knot tying, fly rod assembly, and fly casting. The kids will come home with their flies, rope, educational coloring book, lanyard, laminated information pages, and the Varsity Crafter will receive a fly fishing tool kit! The kids will demonstrate their fly casting skills at our Friday Night Showcase!


In our painting class, students will get a crash course in learning about the elements of art, color theory, blending and mixing paints, along with painting from a still life. Younger students get to play with watercolors while older students will get a chance to work with acrylics. Kids will definitely come away with pieces you will want to hang on your walls, whether on canvas or on paper that can be framed. No experience is necessary to enjoy this fun-filled course!


In this Percussion Class, students will learn how to use different percussion methods to praise God in worship. We will learn to play along with music, utilizing different rhythms. We will even build our own percussion instruments from household components. Instruments that may be used: drum set, djembe, cajon (box drum), sand shakers, and more! This course is meant to be fun and have a creative style each day. It is an introduction meant to bring excitement to percussion, utilizing it to praise God. The kids will perform at the Friday Night Showcase!


In this class, the kids will be exploring the art of capturing beautiful photographs with a focus on nature, portraits, action shots, landscapes, and close ups. They will learn about framing within the photograph, matting, and presentation. They will also be contributing to the end of the week slideshow! It is highly encouraged that kids bring their own digital camera or smartphone, but if you don’t have either, we will provide a loaner.


Come enjoy learning the foundations of voice—God’s design for you as a singer—and how to be a vocal athlete. We will teach you warming up, posture, breathing, dynamics and other skills…Discover simple techniques that will help you grow as a singer and preserve your voice for years to come. Our singers will learn a special song for our Friday Night Showcase! Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do!!


Fire up your torches! This activity will teach you the safety rules and the techniques required to weld pieces of metal. You will create fun projects using these newly developed skills, whether yard art or functional but artistic household items! Welding is a lot of fun and a skill you can use all your life. I can also become a well-paying career!


In the Varsity class, kids will use power sanders, wood clamps, and a drill press. They will successfully select contrasting colors and widths of wood for aesthetic purpose, measure each piece, glue and clamp, size, sand, drill, and hand-finish their own “Tea Light” tray. Older students will be given direct instruction on safe handling and proper usage of all power tools used and will be personally monitored by an adult. Junior Crafters will create easier but fun projects. It is our desire that a love of woodworking design and development be kindled in our youth. Hobby woodworking is a lifelong endeavor providing rewards of developing focus of mind, satisfaction of heart, as well as building self-confidence and pride!

Yarn Arts

In our Yarn Arts class, we will be learning four different skills with yarn and cord - weaving, macrame, knitting, and crochet. In weaving we’ll discover weft and warp, and several different weaving techniques. In macrame we’ll learn the four basic knots- the lark’s head, square, spiral, and half-hitch. Knitting is all about casting on and the knit and purl stitches. And, in crochet we’ll finger our way through a chain stitch, a slip stitch, and a single crochet. Then, we’ll use colors and textures to combine our new skills into some fun projects.