Saturday, July 11th; 9:00am-Noon:  "Pick Up Parade!"  

Track on over to our Meridian Campus (5589 Van Atta Rd) and pick up your child's take home box for the week!  The box has lots of things including crafts, coloring pages, gizmos, snack suggestions and directions for the week!  

We'll have a separate box for preschool and elementary kids.  Parents will drive up and our friendly staff will hand the boxes to you!  We will do this in the most safe way possible.  

If for some reason you cannot join the parade, but would still like to pick up the take home box, please let us know in the "comment" box of the registration form.  We will try to accommodate a time that will work for you.  

Sunday, July 12th; 4:00-4:45pm:  "Opening Celebration!"  

Jump on the VBS zoom link and join us for a high energy time of VBS songs, learning about each day's theme, and how it all will work!  We ask that a parent be present with their child to aid us in "crowd control."    

Monday, July 13th - Friday, July 17th:  "On Your Own VBS!"

We will have a private Facebook page for our VBS.  We will add you to it so you can join.  Each day we'll post that day's theme, Buddy video, Bible story video, song videos, and some engaging activities.  We may ask you to post a pic or a comment.  If you do not have time to participate on a particular day, the Facebook page will stay up so you can participate when available!

Thursday, July 16th; 4:00-4:45pm:  "Everest Wrap Up Celebration!"

Join us for another VBS Zoom!  We'll wrap up the week with some songs and recap the week.  We'll also have kids show us some of their projects!  We ask that a parent be present to aid us in "crowd control."  

Everest Offering!

Since we won't be together everyday to collect an offering, we are asking families to bring non-perishable food items for our Community Kitchen at our Christ Campus downtown.  Every Saturday we feed a crowd and have a giveaway room with extra food items. We will collect these items at the Pick Up Parade on Saturday, July 11th.  Some ideas include:  Peanut butter/jelly; spaghetti sauce/noodles; can tuna/box tuna helper; Mac & Cheese; can fruit and veggies.  

We're also challenging kids to do as many random acts of kindnesses as possible throughout the week and post pics/comments on the Facebook page.