Join us for a summer safari as we venture through the story of Moses and the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt. We will learn that: 

when life is scary...God is good! 

         when life changes... God is good!

                     when life is sad... God is good!

                                   when life is unfair... God is good! 

                                                        when life is good... God is good! 

Our VBS is open to ages 3yrs to 6th grade. Nursery care for 0-2yrs is available for volunteers and staff. A light dinner will be provided for volunteers and their families beginning at 5pm. Our opening session starts at 6pm with our closing session ending at 8pm. We will have fun games and adventures between 8-8:30 for families that want to stay and enjoy the fun (Preschoolers and babies' pickup is 8pm, they are welcome to join their families is the sanctuary for the fun!)

                                         Life is WILD! God is GOOD!