The Bible Points for Rocky Railway are so relevant this summer:

Day 1: God knows you. You are treasured!

Day 2: God hears you. You are treasured!

Day 3: God comforts you. You are treasured!

Day 4: God forgives you. You are treasured!

Day5: God chooses you. You are treasured!

Children have been through some of the biggest challenges this past year. Children have all the feelings and thoughts even if they have a harder time expressing them. This summer, our kids need to know that they are seen and known by God because each one of them is treasured by God. They are priceless to God, and their worth is found in being a child of God.

Each day's video will be available at 8:00 am each morning of VBS week... and you have the whole day to do the lessons with your kids at the time that works best for you. In fact, you'll have access to all the videos on demand 'til August 31st. This year, we have a special program for Preschoolers that have not been to Kindergarten yet. The activities will be more developmentally appropriate for smaller hands and developing motor skills. Each day's video will be about 45 - 60 minutes in length. You can even take a snack break in the middle if you'd like.

Registration is required to reserve a student pack. The Treasured Quest Student Pack contains unique supplies for the week. We're also getting customized VBS t-shirts this year. Parents are responsible for providing supplies such as paper, markers, glue, etc. that you can usually find at home.

We will have a Treasured Quest Student Pack pick-up party at the office week leading up to VBS. If you're out of town and would like to participate, please email We would love to send you a student pack based on availability.

The last day to register Is June 20th!

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