• Doors open to the Sanctuary/Worship Center at 8:45 each day.
  • Children should go to their Shepherd/Crew Leader to check in.
  • The Shepherd/Crew Leader will check them in on the class roster.
  • We dismiss from the Sanctuary/Worship Center at 9:30 (M-TH) for our first rotation.
  • If your child is late, check in at the registration table out front (S, M) or the library (T, W, TH) to locate your child’s class.


  • Proceed to the Sanctuary/Worship Center foyer to pickup child(ren) starting at 12 noon.  
  • Show dismissal card (green card with child’s name and crew name) to VBS staff member in the Sanctuary/Worship Center foyer.
  • Once the daily closing has ended, VBS staff will open the doors and allow groups of parents to enter. Please walk through the center aisle and look for your child(ren)’s crew sign and show the dismissal card to their Shepherd/Crew Leader to pick them up.
  • Exit through the double doors on either side of the front of the Sanctuary/Worship Center to go outside.
  • Keep your dismissal card to use throughout the week.

IMPORTANT: You or your authorized pickup person must have the dismissal card in order to pick up your child. Please let your child’s Shepherd/Crew Leader or the church office (540-371-2954) know if someone without a dismissal card will be coming to pick up your child. Anyone without a dismissal card will be asked for identification when they come to pick up children.

In order for this system to work smoothly and securely, parents/caregivers will not be allowed in the Sanctuary/Worship Center until dismissal. Thank you for help, cooperation, and patience as we seek to keep all of our children safe.