What We Do

Since 2005, the Greater New Orleans area has endured several major hurricanes leaving thousands homeless and in great need. Most people are well aware of the damages caused by Hurricane Katrina, but most are not aware of the more than 40,000 homes that were damaged by Hurricane Isaac which impacted our area exactly 7 years to the day Hurricane Katrina struck. With so many weather related disasters over the past several years, Epworth Project exists to keep volunteers from around the country mobilized so that the families in our area will not be forgotten. Our goal is to provide basic needs for those living in unfit conditions, whether the conditions are hurricane related or not. In addition to assisting disaster victims, Epworth Project assists the low income and elderly with home repairs and builds handicapped ramps for disabled citizens.

Where We Work and Serve

Epworth Project will connect you with those in our Southeast Louisiana communities with the greatest need of your assistance. At any given time, our staff maintains upwards of 50 active cases; however, we often must shift volunteers from an assigned site to meet emergency client needs. Here are just a few examples of the types of projects you can expect to work on:

Regional Disaster Home Rebuilds and Repairs

Individual Disaster Home Rebuilds and Repairs

Routine Home Maintenance and Up-Keep Repairs for the Elderly and Poor

Building of Handicap Ramps and Porches

Home Modifications relating to ADA Compliance

Assisting Local Non-Profits with Food and Clothing Distribution

What kind of work will we be doing?

The work you do will be dependent on what kind of needs we have during your visit. Projects may include general contracting, CCC-mud, carpentry, cabinetry, framing, insulation, drywall hanging, drywall finishing, flooring, windows, door trim, painting, plumbing, and roofing. Our needs vary from week to week. Please know that we do our best to take your skills into consideration when placing you on a project but at times our needs on basic projects are more pressing. The work that you do will directly benefit lives and will impact our community. You will receive a call from one of our project managers the week prior to your trip to discuss your construction project. Please note: Your work team may not know what their specific projects are until they report on their first morning