VBS is a blast! Here's what happens in a typical day:

As you arrive for VBS you will be greeted by a friendly volunteer who will check you in. The first day might take a little longer than normal as we want to make sure we have all the correct information for the rest of the week.

At 6pm we hold a large group opening where we learn the themes for the day.

From 6:20pm - 7:40pm small groups will rotate around the church campus in 20 minute blocks. Activities include:

Music - Upon registering, each family will receive a VBS music CD or digital download card. During music time kids will be learning these high intensity songs and actions that share they are Treasured.

Bible Adventure - Bible stories come to life and kids experience a story and truth that inspires them.

Games - Little explanation needed here as kids play silly and fun activities that get their heart racing and connect the theme for the day.

Kid Cinema - Here children watch brief stories of other kids who have used the truth shared at VBS and applied it to their daily living.

At 7:40pm all groups come back for a fun closing that recaps all that was learned.

At 8pm we go home, rest up, and come back for another whirlwind day.

Hope to see you there!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those children that are in Nursery and PreK, please read the "Important Nursery/PreK" box.