Totus Tuus, a Latin phrase meaning "Totally Yours," was the motto of St. (Pope) John Paul II!  It signifies our desire to give ourselves entirely to Jesus Christ, with the help of His mother Mary.

Why should you attend Totus Tuus?

  • This week-long parish mission for youth is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel and promoting our Catholic faith through evangelization, catechesis, apologetics, Christian witness, the sacraments, Marian devotion, and Eucharistic worship.
  • College students and seminarians engage our youth with skits, songs, games, and inspiring, interactive teaching!
  • These young adults demonstrate that being a faithful, practicing Catholic is fun!

See Totus Tuus in action HERE

Who can participate in Totus Tuus?

  • Kids going into grades 1-6 (2018-19) come to St. Francis School during the day, where they learn, sing, play games, attend Mass, and go to lunch at Lenihan!
  • Youth going into grades 7-12 (2018-19) come to St. Henry Dining Room in the evening for activities, prayer, fellowship and snacks!