Get ready to smile! In the two years before kindergarten little ones are ready for the fun and excitement of Cubbies. With the primary focus on learning about prayer and God’s Word, each week preschoolers will discover just how much God loves them!



Hold onto your hats! Kindergarteners through second graders will set off for three years of high flying adventures! Hang Gliders, Wing Runners and Sky Stormers will learn the good news of the Gospel message, how they can apply God’s Word to their lives, how to love and serve others… and how to have fun doing it!


Truth and Training

Are you ready for the Ultimate Adventure? Third through sixth graders will spend four years learning about the truth of God’s Word. Engaging, high energy and thought provoking activities await T&T students each week. They will learn that God’s truth can keep them on the right path. Plus, fifth and sixth graders kick it into high gear; learning how they can choose to follow Christ in this ever changing world. They are training for the Ultimate Challenge!

Awana Essentials


Awana is open to children ages 3 through sixth grade.


Each Awana club has its own uniform on which to display pins, patches and other awards. (Awana clubbers can earn awards nearly every week! These kids are motivated to learn God’s Word!)


Sparks and T&T students have colorful, kid-friendly and relevant handbooks to guide them through the year. They work on memorizing verses and completing activities in club and at home. Awana leaders and parents encourage their completion, but each child is able to work at his or her own pace; earning awards for each finished section.


Awana is FUN!  After the opening gathering, clubbers rotate through three stations- Handbook time, Large Group time and Game time. Awana game time is high energy, super engaging and geared for children of all ability levels! Using a specially designed Awana game square, the Games leader guides clubbers through team oriented games where each child will find something that he or she likes. At the end of the night, clubbers gather together to receive awards for their accomplishments each week. Awana provides a way for EVERY child to shine!