Here at Shipwrecked Adventure Week, your kids will explore a tropical island as they sing songs, play games, engage in Bible stories, experience hands-on object lessons, meet a fellow shipwrecked castaway, eat dinner and more!

Our kids today face many anxieties and uncertainties in life. Whether they are dealing with loneliness, or worries, or are struggling with hard situations, here at Shipwrecked they are going to discover that they are loved, they are never alone, they matter, and that Jesus rescues.

It's sure to be another GREAT week. We're excited to have your kids join us!

Here are a few things you need to know:

*Please download and fill out the Parental Permission/Medical Release Form. You can bring it by the church or office any time, or bring it with you the first night of Shipwrecked. Otherwise, even if you pre-register, you will have to fill out this form on opening night. 

*This year we are doing something new! We want your kids to have the best time ever, and to know that they are loved and cared about. And every year, we have more and more kids! To help ensure your child receives focused attention from our leaders, builds deeper relationships with friends, and has more opportunities to be heard and grow, we are implementing a small group format into our week! Each child will be in Crews of 5 to 6 kids per adult or teen as they travel through rotations with 3 or 4 other Crews. This will allow for the bonding and fun to deepen, for craziness and misbehaving to lessen, and for an even more enjoyable experience for kids and Crew Guides alike! These Crews will be multi-age, so that friendships can be made beyond a child's grade, and to encourage and facilitate better behavior!  If your child has come in previous years and change and new situations can be difficult for your child, you may want to let them know in advance the fun and exciting differences they will get to experience this year. We are so excited for Shipwrecked!