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Cover:  T-Shirt, Lunch, Snack, and lots of FUN!  Remember it is every day of the week from 8:45 am - 3:30 pm.

DON'T FORGET TO PAY.  IF PAYMENT IS NOT MADE BY JUNE 1st, we cannot guarantee you a T-Shirt, and your spot may be given away.

To pay go to:

Click on Donate Now on the top bar, to the left.

From the menu next to VBS put the amount (at least $60 for each child)

Choose your donation frequency  [press continue]

Complete Donation Information

Choose Account Type

In Envelope/Acct Number  there is a big box.  In it type the name of the child(ren) for which you are paying VBS.

Complete the options you want for your account.

God bless you!


Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!