Are scholarships available?

Yes!  If cost is a concern for you, please contact

Do volunteers have to pay?

No, volunteers do not need to pay.  If you are volunteering and wish to provide a scholarship for a child, you can pay the fee and notify us at

What time can I drop my child off?

VBC officially begins at 9am.  Children should arrive at 8:30am for registration/check-in on Monday, June 25th.  All other days children should arrive no earlier than 8:45am.

Where is check-in?

All children will check in at the same location this year.  Proceed to the Registration table in the lower parking lot.  Once checked-in, parents may bring elementary aged children to the gymnasium and preschool/nursery aged children to their assigned rooms on the first level of the church/preschool building.

Where should I pick my child up?

Parents of multi-aged children should pick up any preschool/nursery aged children first in their assigned classrooms before proceeding to pick up elementary aged children.  Elementary aged children should be picked up and signed out at their Crew Tent in the gymnasium.