Tell us about yourself:

Please note the following:

- Mailing address will ONLY be used to send you your role information packet if needed.

- Some roles ask for a specific time commitment. Please keep this in mind when choosing your role as the expectation is that you will staff that role all days. Each role will tell you it's time need in its description.

- Anyone over the age of 18 filling one of the following roles must have a current background check. The form to complete this can be found in your information packet or at the registration area and completed forms can be turned into the church office for processing.

- Tribe leader

- Tribe leader assistant

- Shopkeeper

- Fun and Games Leader and assistant

-Drama Role (Mary, Eunice, Tax Collector)

- Float Pool

Potential Shopkeepers, please note:

- You will be in charge of creating, supplying and leading your own activity.

- We will provide you with an informational packet that includes some historical facts and details to help you get into character and lead you through each day's bible verse and conversation starters for interacting with tribes. This packet will also contains a few suggestions for projects to jumpstart your vision.

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