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We are very excited to experience this TREASURED VBS22 with you! (Pre-K thru 6th gr). It will be thrilling to open these kids to just how treasured they really are by God.  God knows them, loves them, comforts them, and hears them! They are priceless to Him. This is what they will be learning and singing about while they hang out with us all week!

The cost will be $35 for the week, per child that lands within all qualified categories (age, grade, and abilities). Discounts given for multiple children in a family and children of volunteers.

The Age and Grade Range has shifted for this year's VBS. Preschoolers to 6th graders will be our focus. First 125 qualifying kids that are registered will fill the allotted spaces.

Preschool:  Our qualifications for participation will be strict and numbers limited. We will fill the class with our volunteer's kids first, then the rest of our Faith Fellowship Family's little ones. All of these children must be fully potty trained and able to be content without their parents for 3 1/2 hrs. We expect to cap the number of preschoolers allowed into this class at 10.

Kindergarten to 6th Graders: This is the main grade bracket for our VBS. The preschoolers will be allowed to participate in some of the activities that this main group of kids are doing but not all. We expect to cap the number of K-6 students at 115. 


Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!