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All purchases are optional.  

T-shirts may be purchased for $7 each and are only available pre-ordered through the registration form. Likewise, this year's VBS music can be purchased on CD and pre-ordered through the registration form for $2. We cannot guarantee availability of either t-shirts or CDs if you choose not to order in advance. Please note, no refunds will be given for participants who withdraw after May 24, 2023.

Our online payment system is malfunctioning, and we are working to get it repaired.  For now, however, you may pay by mailing or bringing a check to Central Bearden for the amount totaling the number of shirts you want and the CD, if you chose to purchase it.  Please write "VBS" on the memo line of your check.  We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you and appreciate your patience.  We are looking forward to a STELLAR week of VBS!  Thank you!