Rosa is an important part of her family.

She helps out in the garden, provides warm clothes, takes care of the environment, and is a critical source of income.

Did we mention that Rosa is an alpaca?

Rosa's "family" says their lives have changed drastically since she came to live with them.  For families in mountainous areas of Ecuador, an alpaca means up to 10 pounds of fleece every year!  And alpacas can live up to 20 years!  Rosa's fleece is spinnable, knittable, sellable, and profitable for needy families. People around the world prize alpaca fleece because it's warmer and thicker than sheep's wool and is hypoallergenic.  Alpacas impact the entire communities, as they provide jobs for fleece spinners, herders, and shopkeepers.

While other animals like cows or goats have hard hooves (which may actually hurt the fragile, spongy soil of the Andes), God gave alpacas soft pads on their feet that protect the top soil!  These gentle, fleecy creatures provide excellent fertilizer for gardens, which are typically difficult to cultivate in the rugged mountains.  Adding alpacas to a family's farm can be enough to transform a family's circumstances and even that of entire communities, as additional funds to pay for education, food, housing, and medical help.

We are excited to partner with Group Publishing and World Vision to help provide alpacas for families in Ecuador!  A $10 donation helps provide an Ecuadorian family with alpacas that will warm their bodies, nourish their crops, and improve their financial outlook.

Please join us in making a long-lasting impact across the globe!  Your contribution will help not only families today but entire communities for years to come.