Medical Release:  It is mutually understood that in the event of an accident or illness while attending VBS Maker Fun Factory 2017, the staff shall use their best efforts to contact the emergency contacts on file.  In the event the emergency contact is not immediately available, the staff is authorized to secure such medical care as the situation may reasonably warrant.  It is agreed that where FUMC has acted in good faith to comply with an accident or illness, any and all liability as might exist is expressly waived.

Liability Release:  I do hereby consent for my child to participate in VBS Maker Fun Factory 2017, including all activities incidental to the program.  I assume all responsibilities for, risks and hazards of, participation in the entire VBS program. 

Photo Release: I grant permission to First United Methodist Church to take and use photographs of my child for use in church related publications including print and digital media. 

Electronic Registration:  I agree that my electronic registration is the legal equivalent of my manual signature in writing.