There are about 326 Native American reservations in North America.  Approximately a million people call these stunning landscapes home.  Countless factors have turned many reservations-which often cover vast, remote parts of the continent-into islands of need.  For Native Americans living in hardship, even purchasing school supplies for their children can be a struggle.  We also realize that many families within our own community are struggling during these challenging times, so we'd like to support our local elementary school and the project to support children on the reservations.

We're here to help!

As part of Monumental VBS, our church will take part in Operation Kid-to-Kid, a mission project that gives kids an opportunity to share God's love in a practical way.

During VBS, kids and adults can bring money to donate that will be used to purchase items like notebooks, pencils, backpacks and paper for kids on Native American reservations.  All donations will be sent directly to first a local school then the balance to World Vision, who will purchase and then distribute the school supplies to select reservations.