Snacks will be provided each day at VBS. Below are the ingredients for each day. Please provide an alternative snack to your child's crew leader or our nurse (labeled with their name and crew name) should your child not be able to eat the snack provided. We also request that you bring a labeled water bottle each day for your child. Thank you!

Day 1:  Mini waffles, pineapple, strawberries & chocolate chips

Day 2:  Chocolate pudding cup, graham cracker crumbs, pretzel sticks & gummy worms

Day 3:  Rice Chex, Kit cereal, pretzel twists, raisins & chocolate chips 

Day 4:  Green apples, raspberries, orange juice, vanilla yogurt & strawberry yogurt 

Day 5:  Tortillas, chocolate frosting, bananas & Fruity Pebbles