What goes on at Babylon? We will start with an opening celebration and then move to “Tribe Time” where the children will head off to small groups--their Tribes. They will gather on home-base blankets and get ready to step back in time, preparing to share God’s love throughout Babylon. Tribes will meet Daniel and hear about his adventures with the king’s crazy demands. They’ll have a blast playing low-tech, high-energy, Bible-themed games at the Palace Playground. And they’ll explore the exciting shops in the Babylon Marketplace where they will visit the Music shop, the Jewelry Bazaar, the Mosaic Studio, the Metalworking shop and the Food Court. After visiting the Babylon Marketplace, they will return to their Tribes for fun, engaging activities and finally, everyone comes together for joyful celebration and meaningful worship to end the fun-filled day.

VBS is available for children entering Kindergarten through entering the 5th grade!