Gentle BREAKFAST reminder: Please encourage your child(ren) to eat breakfast as only a healthy snack is provided during daily VBS session. Water is the VBS healthy beverage.

Attire Safety Measure: Please encourage your child(ren) to wear comfortable  clothing ( easy to manage in restrooms) and athletic shoes(no flip flops). A child wearing flip flops will be asked to sit out from participating in the zany & fun Recreation games.There are fun filled recreational & craft activities planned which may include water play (no drenching).


Dismissal Safety measure: Kindergartener to 5th grade will be dismissed through the church doors in a controlled dismissal.  Each day at noon dismissal, ONLY the Kindergarten leaders will require photo id to be produced before releasing  child(ren) into another adult's care from outer church doors.  This dismissal method is utilized with great success and will be explained in further detail on Monday, June 27th during the  Monday Closing program. This controlled dismissal takes about ten minutes  to move approx. 50 children safely back into the care of their families.


Craft Safety measure: Please note the daily crafts your child(ren) bring home are reminders of the daily Bible point, Bible verse & Bible story. The crafts may not be suitable for a younger sibling (under 4 years old) to handle & play with as a toy.