Drop Off Carline: Volunteers will help your children out of the car each day. They will walk them inside to the sanctuary and check them in with the appropriate age level adult crew leader.

Pick Up Carline: Volunteers will take up your car pool pick up card each day.  Please make sure that the names of all the children you will be picking up are on the card. The cards will be returned to you as children are loaded into the car.

To reach the carline, enter through the Piggly Wiggly shopping center parking lot.  The carline begins at the end of the building to the left of Ace Hardware.  Follow the line behind the Presbyterian church.  For pick-up, you will be directed to form several lanes.  These lanes will merge into 2 lanes for loading. The left lane will exit at the light.  Please note that cars in the right lane will be directed to turn right onto Hwy 31.  If you are in this lane, but need to go left onto Hwy 31, please use the u turn in the median in front of Rouse's.  Please do not try to change lanes in the car line.

Click Here for Carline Map

For safety, please do not use your cell phone during car line and please follow instructions of volunteers.

We ask for your patience, especially on the first day, as it takes a while to dismiss approximately 200 children safely.