We are excited to host an epic adventure this summer for students age 3 through those just finishing grade five! Join us at Daniels Road Baptist Church as we climb on board the Rocky Mountain Express!

This week will be small group oriented and your student, along with 4-6 others and their 'Crew Leader' will have a chance rotate through our exciting stations! We will begin and end every evening with all the small groups together learning new songs and watching super-fun skits.

Each evening the kids will be heading to 'Bible Adventures' where they will experience the daily Bible story in a hands-on way. Crew leaders will guide small-group discussions where kids connect their unforgettable Bible experiences to real life.

At the 'Imagination Station' your student will have a chance to have hands on exploration with a sciency-fun gizmo they get to bring home. Used in amazing experiments, these gizmos with connect to the days Bible truths and will be lasting mementos.

During 'KidVid Cinema' the students will meet five real kids through these special videos who are trusting Jesus' power through life's ups and downs. Small groups will have a chance to talk about how the days Bible truths can apply to each of our lives.

At 'Loco Motion Games' kids will play fun, energetic games outside that connect to the Bible truth of the day. We encourage students to wear closed toed shoes each evening for safety during game time. 

Of course we can't forget about snack time! Please let us know if your child has any allergies so that we can accommodate their needs. 

Some special fun days we will have that are NOT required but will going to be a blast are:

                         ~ Tuesday - Crazy hair
                         ~ Wednesday - Bring a friend, earn a prize
                         ~ Thursday - Dress up like a conductor or hiker
                         ~ Friday - Wacky outfit

We can't wait to go on this adventure with your student! Let's go explore together!