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Dino stomp to a place kids dream about- where you can hop on a triceratops, run with a raptor, and soar with the pterosaur!  This isn't just any dinosaur world.  It's a whimsical adventure that'll have dinosaurs and their friends roaring for more.  Here dinosaurs roam, but most of all they play.  It's stomping, chomping fun with a twist!

We'll sink our teeth into truth as we explore.  Panoramas of God's young creation, fascinating creatures coming to life, and discoveries that strengthen faith make Stompers and Chompers a once-in-a-few-millennia opportunity.

Here faith grows in dino-sized ways.  Kids will believe God's Word, the Bible, because everything was created though His spoken word.  They'll trust God's plan for them as they learn about Adam and Eve.  They will believe what God's Word says about sin and how to experience God's grace.  They'll understand why they must place their faith in God's one way of rescue today, Jesus, just like people in Noah's time had to trust God and board the ark.  They will marvel at Abraham's faith in God's plan.  And they'll understand how to be part of God's plan today by believing in Jesus Christ, loving God, and showing His love and care.  

Ready to roar with excitement?  Come to the land of Stompers and Chompers, where God is Building Dino-Sized Faith in His Big Plan!