Thank you for registering as a volunteer for PowerUP VBS 2019 at CUMC at CUMC!  . We are looking forward to spending an awesome week with you! We really do appreciate your time and efforts in sharing God’s love with these special kids.

If you are 18 or older you must have a background check on file with the church in order to volunteer with VBS. If you do not have one, you can download a copy from the documents section of this website. Get it to the church office for processing.  If you don't have access to a printer you can  pick up a form from the church office. 

If you have a child will not be 4 years old on or before July 15, 2019 they will be placed in the nursery. Please be sure to list them in the your registration process. 


We want to share some information that is intended to make everyone’s week smooth and as time-efficient as possible. 

Monday is always CRAZY.  Please make every effort to be at CUMC between 8:20-8:30 for your schedules and to get ready to greet your young charges.  These next few days will go quickly and we want you to know in advance some details.


Dress comfortably and in tennis shoes.


Opening and Closing have the two most important pieces: sign in and sign outLEAVE THIS SHEET ON THE PEW.  There will be a sheet listing names, allergy information and emergency contact numbers on a separate clipboard for you to take with you. We are entrusted with these wonderful children and we need to be they are safe at all times. 


Please confirm allergies at sign in if they are an ALLERGY alert child.  We will have a dot on their lanyard to help identify.  If they have an allergy and no dot, let someone know.


Traffic in and out of the sanctuary is HUGE.  Please encourage parents to stay on the outer part of the rows and NOT the inner/ center aisle.  Not doing so creates a huge bottleneck.  Rows will be clearly marked.  They will have to stand in line but it keeps the chaos down to a manageable amount and it should go fairly quickly.  They will actually feel more comfortable knowing their child is being kept safe and sound.


Lanyards will go back in the totes at the end of the day.  Then they are ready for the next day.  


There will be a sheet listing names, allergy information and emergency contact numbers, schedules, tissues and sanitizer in each bag. 

First aid kits are available in most stations.  We have 2 AED’s on site and at least 2 nurses available all week long everyday.


There will be a photo/medical release form that parents will have available to bring with them on day 1.  If they do not have one with them there will be blank copies on the pews that they can sign and turn in.  This should be done before they leave the sanctuary.


 Looking forward to a wonderful fun-filled week with our Volunteers!!!! 


The CUMC 2019 VBS Team